An Organization’s suite of applications are a key ingredient to their success in the market.  From providing core transaction processing capabilities to automating back office practices, they deliver critical market differentiation and the operational efficiency to drive results.  Our team of experienced technologists have the business acumen to help drive functionality requirements, deliver the solution right the first time and providing on-going support to ensure it delivers significant value.


    • Assess Technology Environment. Evaluate your application development methodology and release management processes, application architecture and propose remediation.
    • Define Needs. Drive business requirements to ensure that the new applications and/or enhancements will deliver the required capabilities and value.
    • Select Platforms. Assist with software and platform selection process including creating RFP’s, evaluating vendors, selecting solutions and managing the transformation project. 
    • Design and Implement Customized Solutions. Envision, design, develop, test and deploy applications, including mobile applications that address complex business challenges and deliver new business capabilities.
    • Ensure Application Quality. Provide quality assurance services to support waterfall or agile initiatives to improve application quality, reduce expense and improve speed to market.
    • Modernize. Reduce technology risk by modernizing legacy applications that are on outdated platforms.
    • Integrate. Deliver critical aspects of complex transformations, such as system interfaces and data migration.
    • Support. Provide complete applications support through managed services agreements.


To enhance its product offering and competitive edge, a Fortune 500 financial services company hired DecisivEdge to deliver integrated on-line international payment capabilities into its payment gateway product and suite of tools.  When the company partnered with a lending debit card provider, DecisivEdge developed, tested and delivered a complex project to integrate the debit card product into its payment gateway solution.


DecisivEdge developed a mobile and accompanying web application integrated into YouTube to deliver a second screen purchasing experience with capabilities for both advertising brands as well as YouTube channel owners.


DecisivEdge designed, developed, tested and implemented a loan management and disbursement solution for a start-up financial services company.  The solution interfaced with a third party loan origination platform as well as loan distribution processors using industry specific file transfer protocols and formats.  The project was completed in a span of three months to meet critical peak season deadlines.


DecisivEdge provided managed technology services for two payment platforms for a Fortune 500 financial services company, that had over 900 institutional subscribers.  The services included Product Evolution, Platform Stabilization, New Customer On-Boarding, Application Development, QA and Production Support.


For a national financial services company, DecisivEdge created an automated process to migrate data and key operational information from a live payment platform to a new payment platform as part of a major platform migration.