Salesforce Interface Digital Transformation – Overview

Portal of opportunity Salesforce - Improved UI & UX with Call Center Streamline & Salesforce Interface

Customer call center services are a highly specialized and essential piece of any successful healthcare recovery center’s support model. When a person or a loved one reaches out to a recovery center looking for help for an addiction related issue, the call center agent is the all-important first contact.

The success of any recovery center support model is built on speed and accuracy. The agents need intuitive Salesforce interface, workflows, Salesforce digital transformation, Salesforce user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) that enables them to capture information and match the patient needs to the right facility quickly.

DecisivEdge was brought on as Salesforce interface specialist to streamline call center operations and Salesforce interface for better agent experience at the recovery center organization.

Download the case study and learn how DecisivEdge leveraged our Salesforce interface expertise to improve the UI/UX experience and digitally transform Salesforce.

We can help you to optimize your Salesforce interface and CRM with our deep knowledge and partnership with Salesforce.

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