Digital solution strategy is essential to success for Private Equity

Investments in Behavioral Health face increasing pressures. Inflation, the cost of debt and staffing retention and recruitment create great challenges to the bottom line of portfolios. There is increased scrutiny over deals. While the need for treatment is great, those with behavioral healthcare portfolios find patient acquisition has become more challenging than ever before. Digital transformation can help enhance traditional private equity value creation levers – and enable new ones – driving EBITDA throughout the deal lifecycle and across the portfolio. Reduce OpEx, improve staff retention, and streamline the admissions process.

DecisivEdge has a deep understanding of stakeholder needs and engagement preferences, breaking down barriers and providing more cost-effective outcomes. Our digital transformation solutions can drive revenue. How? By optimizing the customer journey and experience for conversion. We also leverage data science, AI and predictive analysis to gather in depth patient insights for higher ROI. Digital solutions can also improve stakeholder satisfaction and brand loyalty by increasing efficiency and agility through streamlining of workflows, automating back-end processes and post-merger integrations.

Reduce OpEx. Improve staff retention.
Streamline the admissions process.

Click on the images below to read or listen as DecisivEdge behavorial health digital solution experts outline and owners, operators, and investors of behavioral health practices can reshape the efficiency and effectiveness of their investments.

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Navigating today's behavioral health landscape - Behavioral Health Business BHB Voices Karl Fischer

If your organization is experiencing any of these challenges we can help:

  • Poor productivity, low effectiveness, lack of experience. Admission teams face high volumes of non-admission related calls, and when combined with a lack of basic call routing, customers face increased handling and admit times. Repetitive data entry and multiple agency desktops also increase call times. Call center staffing and schedules not optimized for call trends drive unneeded abandons and long hold times. Improper onboarding and training leave agents unequipped to handle the sensitive front line experience.
  • Inability to scale. Merger and acquisition activities drive operational challenges for admission centers. Digital gaps may occur between integrations with legacy platforms, on-premise and cloud, and multiple platforms like EHRs, CRM and marketing automation. As new markets from a geography and product perspective are entered into, Agents may lack an integrated knowledge database to help guide them. Data silos may contribute to the shortfall of marketing effort effectiveness and analytics.
  • Poor data, lack of processes and communications. Many organizations face the challenge of data accessibility and clean data to help drive both immediate and long-term strategy decisions. Real-time access to important data on any device has become critical in today’s environment and barriers impact the customer journey. Guided data collection to improve data quality – picklists, checkboxes vs text – has also become essential to ensuring both a positive customer and agent experience. Without the right tools, cross-departmental communication and collaboration tools (ex. push notifications), referrals, qualification, scoring, tracking to enable outreach and help prioritize staff becomes ever challenging.
  • Stagnant sales. Marketing and sales have evolved to where tracking and process control can lead to better insights on metric improvement, distillation of lead data type and enhanced market intelligence for field sales. Without the right data, systems and integration of data flow, plus use of data science like AI and predictive analysis, organizations cannot identify underrepresented segments or demographics, or increase the pool of potential inbound patients as well as the intensive outbound.

Whether you are a behavioral health organization trying to integrate and optimize existing legacy contact center solutions, or looking to tap into Contact Center Artificial Intelligence (CCAI) solutions to better serve patients, DecisivEdge has the experience, expertise and global partners like Five9, CallTrackingMetrics and Salesforce that can help you get there.​

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Whether you are a behavioral health organization trying to integrate and optimize existing legacy contact center solutions, or looking to tap into Contact Center Artificial Intelligence (CCAI) solutions to better serve patients, DecisivEdge has the experience, expertise and global partners like Five9, Call Tracking Metrics and Salesforce that can help you get there.

The results? Our client Recovery Centers of America experienced:

  • Decreased admissions operating budget by nearly 50%
  • Increased revenue per agent
  • Reduced average handle time (talk time)

Efficiency. Effectiveness. Engagement. We delivered.

Connect with us to discuss leveraging contact center artificial intelligence technologies to offer self-service options, deflect non-urgent contacts, and better understand the voice of the patient.

Recovery Centers of America RCA enhanced their behavioral health organization with digital transformation

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CASE STUDY: DecisivEdge has extensive experience with integrating contact center solutions with the Salesforce platform. Learn how our UI/UX improvements transformed a Salesforce interface and helped reset a call center to streamline patient admissions and reduce call center disorder.

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