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Newark, Delaware (July 11, 2023)DecisivEdge, a leading provider of innovative business solutions, is excited to announce the launch of SimpliTalkCX, a cutting-edge workforce management (WFM) solution designed specifically for small to mid-sized contact centers. SimpliTalkCX simplifies the way contact centers optimize their workforce operations, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and the Customer Experience (CX).

Research shows that while 90% of customers want an immediate response, contact centers struggle, resulting in high agent attrition rates, long wait times and high call abandonment rates. Primarily attributed to a workforce that is not properly utilized, a lack of reporting and analytics, and the inability to properly plan and scale – contact centers face increased customer churn, lost revenue and increased operating expenses. Until now.

Built around DecisivEdge’s extensive expertise and years of industry experience, SimpliTalkCX is a user-friendly software solution that empowers contact centers with critical workforce management capabilities. Focused on simplicity and effectiveness, SimpliTalkCX is the go-to solution for contact centers seeking to streamline their operations and drive exceptional results. Quick to implement, easy-to-use and cost-effective compared to more comprehensive WFM options, SimpliTalkCX provides ROI, and improved agent and customer experience within weeks.

SimpliTalkCX features and benefits:

  1. Intelligent Workforce Planning: SimpliTalkCX employs powerful algorithms and predictive analytics to forecast contact volumes, identify trends, and optimize staffing requirements. This ensures that contact centers have the right number of agents scheduled at the right times to meet service level goals.
  2. Dynamic Scheduling: The solution offers flexible and dynamic scheduling capabilities, taking into account agent preferences, skills, and availability. SimpliTalkCX enables efficient agent shift management, allowing supervisors to easily create, adjust, and optimize schedules to maximize resource utilization.
  3. Adherence Monitoring: With SimpliTalkCX, contact center managers gain visibility into agent adherence to schedules.
  4. Performance Analytics and Reporting: SimpliTalkCX provides valuable insights into key metrics such as average handle time, service level, shrinkage, and occupancy. Contact center managers can make data-driven decisions to enhance operational efficiency and optimize resource allocation.
  5. Seamless Integration: SimpliTalkCX seamlessly integrates with leading contact center technologies such as telephony and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. This integration allows for smooth data flow, less manual work running numerous reports, and accuracy/integrity of the data.

“Disruptions have advanced digital transformation across industries, with large contact centers making significant IT investments and positioning themselves to widen the competitive gap while addressing high customer expectations,” explains Karl Fischer, Managing Director of CX Transformation. “SimpliTalkCX can now level the CX playing field, addressing the specific workforce management needs of small to mid-sized contact centers,” states Fischer.

“With its intuitive design, easy-to-use features, and affordability, SimpliTalkCX is set to transform the way contact centers operate, enabling them to deliver exceptional customer service while driving operational efficiency.”

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