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DecisivEdge’s Salesforce consulting for behavioral health organization reduces abandoned calls and improving admission rates saving more lives.

Newark, Delaware (February 7, 2023) – DecisivEdge, a salesforce consulting company for behavioral health centers, in partnership with Salesforce, has transformed the patient admission process at a top 5 U.S. behavioral health center. This patient-focused recovery center support model is driving value across the organization’s operation by reducing inbound call abandon rates, cutting time to admission, improving patient experiences and enhancing call center agent success.

The foundation for these improvements is a call center workflow that integrates and optimizes Salesforce actions. With task-based workflows that incorporate an intuitive user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), call center agents are able to capture information and match patient needs to the right facility quickly and clearly.

“Call center agents are on the front lines of patient care, yet too often their tools are disparate and disconnected,” says Karl Fischer, Managing Director CX Transformation at DecisivEdge. “With technology, analytics and a data-driven strategy, we are able to deliver a streamlined desktop workflow that enables these agents to drive a more effective, meaningful patient conversations.”

The new recovery center support model workflow moves the agent through stages from point of contact to admission, including an application to schedule patient pickups that integrates with the advisor’s case intake screens. Throughout the development of the call center solution, the DecisivEdge team focused on ensuring that the call center agent has the flexibility to transition quickly from one task to another while maintaining visibility to open areas, fall outs, and next steps to complete an admission.

Further, the Salesforce solution includes an interface, facilitated by a Boomi cloud-based enterprise integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), between EHR and Salesforce for a more intuitive patient admission process. Other tools include a Salesforce-integrated patient financial calculator and patient benefits history application for the behavioral health organization.

Our mission is to help organizations get the right call to the right agent the first time and to connect people to the help they need

To-date, the flexibility and intuitive workflow of the call center support model has demonstrated impressive results. The behavioral health center has reduced repeat call abandon rates by over 90%, improved conversion rates by nearly 40% and reduced time of admission by over 30%. One unanticipated benefit has been a more consistent and efficient agent training and on-boarding program. Agent training time has also been reduced by a whopping 80%. Also, from a business standpoint, the organization has seen a reduction in its operating budget by as much as 40%.

John Wilson, DecisivEdge’s Director of Salesforce Practice, and former Vice President of CRM at Recovery Centers of America where he was responsible for delivering Salesforce solutions to increase quality and end user efficiency, notes, “From a business perspective, behavioral health centers are necessarily focused on revenue per call, revenue per agent, cost per admission, etc., with the objective to get qualified candidates through to the agents and assessed as quickly as possible, and then into the facility to start treatment. To do that, we must eliminate the all-to-common scenario where call center agents jump between multiple systems on a single call. Our mission is to help organizations get the right call to the right agent the first time and to connect people to the help they need .”

DecisivEdge’s Salesforce consultants have extensive experience integrating and optimizing healthcare contact center solutions into the Salesforce CRM platform, increasing efficiency and productivity through digital transformation. By collaborating with a variety of partners including Five9, DecisivEdge has expertise with most major contact center platforms, enhancing Customer Experience (CX) and the UI/UX delivered to agents. DecisivEdge is a team of certified developers, administrators, and custom application builders.

Wilson concludes, “We help clients from various industries design, execute and implement a personalized Salesforce strategy. Your business challenges aren’t out of the box, your Salesforce shouldn’t be either.”

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About DecisivEdge

DecisivEdge is a global Salesforce consulting for behavioral health organization that is focused on creating a sustainable competitive edge through digital transformations. We help our clients elevate their operational capabilities and seize their market opportunity by leveraging and optimizing best-in-class technology solutions in conjunction with detailed analytics and data-driven operational strategies. We provide end-to-end services from the design and build of a fully integrated solution to the implementation, testing and optimization of that solution to assure effective results and a seamless user experience.

A deep knowledge of, and experience with Salesforce, call centers and multiple platforms prepares DecisivEdge to deal with complex projects, from custom features and time-saving process automations, to multi-platform integrations that improve data integrity and validity, to end-to-end implementation executed quickly and efficiently. DecisivEdge also provides Salesforce training and support on any implementation for better user adoption, ongoing Salesforce maintenance and support, and continuous business strategy and improvement services. Visit us on the Salesforce App Exchange

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