A healthcare entrepreneur hires DecisivEdge to take his “back-of-the-napkin” patient engagement idea and turn it into a commercially viable and scalable health-tech platform.

DecisivEdge has designed and developed the most robust and functional platform in the healthcare patient engagement space. The platform has received praise from healthcare experts noting the extensive capabilities, nimble adaptations and simple client interface. – Dr. Rob Berube (Founder)

The Opportunity

A practicing surgeon envisioned a better way to engage patients by utilizing high quality videos to inform them of the risks and benefits of their treatment protocols, comprehension testing with teach-back to confirm their understanding and a “true” informed consent to authorize treatment. With simply the back of a napkin sketch of his concept, he needed a trusted technology team to turn his idea into a scalable and market ready solution. In order to accomplish this, and before “developing” the solution, the team needed to address the following critical questions:

  • What is the business problem to be solved?
  • Who are the stakeholders who would benefit from the solution?
  • What material benefit would the stakeholders receive?
  • Where in the health care delivery continuum does the solution fit?
  • What solution capabilities would define the Minimal Viable Product?
  • What features would deliver a competitive advantage for the solution?
  • What specific regulatory and security protocols apply to the solution?

The Solution

Following significant diligence and research on market demand for the solution and rigorous competitive analysis, the team defined its niche in the healthcare delivery continuum. After further confirmation of the business objectives, the following activities were executed:

  • Selected technology stack for scalability and cost effectiveness.
  • Implemented a HIPAA compliant environment to host the proposed SaaS platform. Infrastructure included development, QA, UAT and production instances.
  • Confirmed understanding of the current work flow protocols related to patient education and informed consent in various settings from independent specialty practices to ambulatory centers to hospitals and hospital systems.
  • Assembled the technology team with domestic and off-shore resources to optimize delivery speed, code quality and cash burn.
  • Developed a working beta platform within three months and deployed it to beta practice. The team has continued development of the platform, incrementally improving existing functionality and adding new capabilities to fulfill the product roadmap.
  • Made recommendations for adjusting the product roadmap based on market feedback and immediate opportunities. The team identified an opportunity to leverage the platform for use in clinical trials and quickly added in the necessary capabilities to exploit that opportunity.
  • Further, the team identified an opportunity and use cases to deploy the platform in financial services to engage borrowers. The DecisivEdge team scoped out and designed enhancements to the platform to make it largely agnostic to the recipient of the engagement. The team is in the process of adding the necessary functionality to fulfill that vision.
  • Implemented the platform for all customers and provided ongoing support to the user base.

In addition to developing the product, the DecisivEdge team also provided the founder with all the necessary marketing and sales capabilities. The DecisivEdge marketing team applied its extensive digital marketing expertise to develop and execute the following activities:

  • Developed the company and product website including product showcase videos. Developed product marketing materials.
  • Conducted market research to determine product positioning, value articulation and price points.
  • Executed specialty focused email marketing campaigns, Google Ads and other digital marketing activities to develop the 5thPort brand.
  • Attended industry exhibitions and conducted product demonstrations for prospective practices, hospitals and clinical research organizations.


Based on market feedback, 5thPort is emerging as a market leader in patient/consumer engagement and eConsent. In healthcare, it’s “Inform, Confirm, Consent” capabilities unique and its simple and clean UI is easy to ingest into the office workflow. In an evolving financial services market, borrower engagement is becoming the key to attracting and retaining millennials and Gen Z. Click here to take a deeper dive into the 5thPort Solution: https://www.5thport.com.