The Ruby Hall Hospital Group in Pune, India was experiencing significant growth in its Health Check-Up (Wellness Assessment) business as a result of several corporate partnerships and an increase in public awareness and focus on wellness and disease prevention. The growth exposed the limitations of its existing systems and procedures. Ruby Hall engaged DecisivEdge to develop a modern solution that was scalable, improved the patient experience, and was capable of the variety of billing and reporting requirements associated with corporate Health Check-Up packages, without requiring additional staff.


DecisivEdge delivered a responsive web application that integrated seamlessly with the hospital’s HIS. The solution addressed the major capabilities that Ruby Hall was looking for – improving the patient experience and support for varied billing and reporting templates. Core features of the solution include:

  • Inquiry
  • Health check-up packages and corporate wellness plans
  • Health check-up registrations and service billing
  • Preventive health check-up services
  • Pre-employment health check-up services
  • VISA health check-up services
  • Queue management
  • Reporting and automated report delivery to external stakeholders
  • Integration with various 3rd party systems (e.g. EMR, Lab, Radiology)


The streamlined operations and simplified processes enabled by the new Health Checkup System has resulted in a significant improvement in the patient experience and overall operational efficiency.

  • Standardized Formats for Health checkup Reporting
  • Master driven / dynamic parameters for the Health Checkup Reporting
  • Streamlined Corporate Packages and customized packages at runtime
  • 40 % reduction in time taken for report generation
  • 30 % reduction in patient waiting time
  • Improved overall user experience and patient satisfaction


“Automation of the complex reporting templates has reduced manual processes and effort significantly.” – IT Head

“The queue management system has reduced patient wait time, providing improved patient experience.” – Key User