Test Automation can deliver significant benefits to organizations if done properly, but unfortunately traditional testing tools have demonstrated less than stellar results.  The movement towards DevOps and CI/CD can be complex, so it requires a tool that compliments these goals…and Tricentis Tosca does just that.

Here are SIX compelling reasons to explore Test Automation with Tricentis Tosca:

1.  Maximize Risk Based Testing:  Allows the enterprise to identify critical and high risk components of their application by using the risk rating capabilities of Tosca.  The tool will not only target high risk areas but also recommend the appropriate number of test cases to achieve proper test coverage.

2.  Reduce Time to Market:  Test automation will naturally minimize the manual effort and time to deliver but Tosca’s high rate of automation consistently exceeds industry averages of 30-40% by reaching rates of 90% or more.

3.  Optimize Testing Resources:  The need for highly trained technical resources is significantly reduced because manual testers can learn to automate test cases without having to master programing skills. Making automation specialists out of manual testers, both veteran and novice, will optimize productivity and contribute to reducing QA expenses.

4.  Reduce Maintenance and Support:  Tosca’s Model Based testing approach greatly decreases the effort for support and maintenance that has often contributed to the failure of traditional automation testing tools.   The need for developing and maintaining code to steer tests through an application is eliminated with the use of Tosca’s script-less automation.

5. Improve Quality and Delivery:  Shift-left automation testing improves both the quality and frequency of delivering software.  Tosca’s automation capabilities and ease of integration with DevOps methodologies and CI/CD tools makes it an excellent strategic solution.

6. Reduce Overall QA Costs:  The combination of higher test automation rates along with reduced maintenance and support efforts and the ability to have less expensive manual testing resource able to develop automated tests, all contribute to lowering QA costs for the enterprise.

To view a brief video on Test Automation and see how Tricentis Tosca can help your company…  click here to learn more