The following Auto Lender’s are running their business on Oracle’s Auto Lending and Leasing Software.

Here’s what they have to say:

Westlake Financial Services:

Oracle’s Auto Lending and Leasing Software enabled Westlake Financial Services to run its customer service and collections activities much more efficiently. Collection agents have all delinquency information at their finger tips, including promises to pays, broken promises, delinquency account histories, and complete payment transactions.

Gateway One Lending & Finance (a TCF Bank Company):

While growing significantly, Gateway One Lending and Finance is improving efficiencies, portfolio quality, and customer service. Oracle’s Auto Lending and Leasing Software supports Gateway’s lending life cycle from origination through collections.

Volkswagen Bank:

Oracle’s Auto Lending and Leasing Software provides the complete lending infrastructure to Volkswagen Bank. It offers comprehensive functionality from front to the back office; including but not limited to credit scoring, pricing and loan origination, loan servicing, through to collections, payments and delinquency management. The leasing software also allows Volkswagen Bank to deliver web-based services to its dealers and customers.