Create Powerful Customer Connections With Five9 Partner Experience

Cloud call center software is our expertise.

Agent and customer experience is our passion.

DecisivEdge, a trusted Five9 partner, helps businesses transform their contact center operations by providing cutting-edge and fully optimized technologies that elevate the customer and agent experience, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance their omnichannel presence.

Increase business agility, exceed your customers’ expectations.

The Five9 platform facilitates billions of call minutes annually and provides digital engagement, analytics, workflow automation, workforce optimization, and practical AI to create more human customer experiences, engage and empower contact center agents, and deliver tangible business results.

A strategic Five9 partner, DecisivEdge uses its global business consulting and technology capabilities to serve a broad range of industries. We help digitally forward businesses, devise and implement the most innovative and cohesive CX solutions to deliver seamless Customer and Agent experiences. By leveraging our contact center operational and management expertise, and digital transformation implementation success, DecisivEdge has established itself as a cutting-edge strategic optimization Five9 partner for all Five9 solutions.

The Need for Speed: Our expert Five9 Salesforce integration capabilities ensure you’re able to get up and running qucker than ever.

The DecisivEdge Five9 Partner Advantage

DecisivEdge can bridge Agent and Customer Experience gaps that occur in partial or full legacy system replacements, and full or hybrid cloud-based models that integrate with on-premise technologies.

We help clients invested in on-premise telephony solutions take advantage of new AI solutions at the top of their IVR.

DecisivEdge can integrate and optimize a variety of Five9 solutions including: Interactive Voice Response Design (Five9 IVR), build & Cleanup; Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) Design & Build & Implement including Five9 NLP (Natural Language Processing); Five9 Agent Assist; and Five9 Speech Analytics (QA Automation).

Our Five9 Salesforce integration services team also has extensive experience with integrating contact center solutions with your Salesforce platform.

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Making CX Work for Real Life: DecisivEdge Case Studies

Discover how DecisivEdge employed Five9 Inbound Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) to a growing behavioral health contact center, bringing the human touch to IVR.

Read how DecisivEdge deployed Five9 Outbound Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) for a behavioral health organization to help patients show up for scheduled appointments.

Five9 Services Datasheet - DecisivEdge
Five9 Services Datasheet

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