Fortune 500 financial services company hires DecisivEdge to enhance and bring structure to the management of two payments platforms at the core of a large subsidiary business.

Challenge: A subsidiary business of a Fortune 500 financial services company, built through a process of acquisition and internal development, with two technology oriented payments products was challenged to deliver the cutting edge functionality demanded by its customer base. Specifically,

  • The solutions were large and complex having evolved over decades in a largely undisciplined manner
  • The solutions lacked the functionality necessary to differentiate the company‚Äôs product offerings
  • The technology operations were characterized by poor controls and a somewhat ad hoc production support process
  • The system performance was uninspiring, resulting in customer complaints
  • The subsidiary technology team was outside the centralized IT organization and lacked the appropriate skills leading to delayed releases marred by significant defects

Solution: To stabilize and subsequently improve its payment product offerings, this Fortune 500 financial services company hired DecisivEdge, a trusted partner, to first assess its associated technology organization and operations and then take over the day-to-day technology operations in a managed services arrangement to bring enhancements, structure and greater control to its critical technology solutions.