Best Loan Servicing Software
  • Accept, process and decision credit applications in a paperless mode
  • Quick credit scoring and automated decision making
  • Configurable credit guidelines to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Flexible workflow management for each stage in the lender’s underwriting processes
  • Robust pricing strategies to drive market share and profitability

LLaaS Origination allows financial institutions to accept, process and decision credit applications in a paperless mode, with a single data entry process. All of these applications are controlled by a flexible workflow management system that can be configured to reflect the step in the company’s underwriting processes. As part of the origination process, LLaaS Origination provides the lending institution the ability to configure and change the workflow, plus add pricing strategies, user responsibilities and administrative override parameters.


Key Features:

  • Receipt of applications through multiple channels such as the web or fax
  • Submit and receive credit bureau information online
  • Automatic parsing of the credit bureau information directly into the application
  • Calculation of user-defined credit scores with an internal score card, using a weighted average on criteria from both the application and the credit bureau data
  • Make credit decisions automatically or manually
  • Generate automatic default stipulations
  • Capability to re-score each applicant separately
  • Setup user-defined credit application tracking attributes
  • Interface with multiple collateral asset valuation guides and VIN checks, plus VIN check digit
  • Support single premium insurance and force placed insurance
  • Allow promotions, such as reduced rate or no interest for a period of time
  • Provide completion checklists to user enhance processing and reduce training
  • Automatically transmit decisions back to the dealer, originator or applicant
  • Determine the top four rejection reasons for adverse action processing compliance
  • Link applicants to existing customers to maintain & maximize the customer relationship
  • Link the origination data to funding processes and the servicing module in real time
  • Monitor the decision flow online throughout the origination process
  • Process checks through an external Accounts Payable system or send Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment(s) directly from the system
  • Define multiple scorecards for a product and designate one or more for auto-decisioning
  • Build a customized underwriting workflow based on user-configurable parameters for a paperless flow of information
  • Setup customizable credit guidelines within the system to ensure compliance
  • Upload scanned documents to an application
  • Generate reports on applications based on status, dealer, user or underwriter
  • Trigger “actions” based upon certain transaction events, such as status changes