Make smarter decisions with
deeper insights and analytics

We help our clients elevate the power of Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI. Our team of experts employ new cutting edge technologies in data science that help us ask the right questions, uncover the right trends in your data, and create a successful model for you to predict business outcomes. We provide data driven insights which lead to more accurate, faster decisions.

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Data Science Services

Data Science Assessment

  • Inspect and understand data environment and ability to provide data to build/deploy a pipeline.
  • Consider internal talent and tech stack with ability to meet data science needs.
  • Evaluate past projects and provide feedback on transparency & reproducability of models.

Custom Model Development

  • Employ Databricks to help companies visualize data through dashboards and analyze data.
  • Can transform development codebase into deployment pipeline to fit into your tech ecosystem.
  • Document model development process to ensure reproducability and transparency.

Model Development Infrastructure
as a Service (MDaaS)

  • Provide hosted model development environment for your data science staff to work in.
  • Scalable to accommodate data storage and computational demands.
  • Cloud-based, taking advantage of industry standard open source tech stack.

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