Insurance claim law firm hires DecisivEdge's Five9 and Salesforce Consultants

Proper configuration and integration between Five9 and Salesforce is essential for businesses to streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experience, driving overall business success.

A California-based law firm, specializing in residential and commercial property damage claims, faced operational challenges due to broken configurations between Salesforce and Five9.

Despite previous attempts by different companies to fix the issues, the law firm’s leadership went looking for a vendor who works on both platforms and understands the intricacies of how Salesforce and Five9 work together.

The DecisivEdge team with inhouse Five9 and Salesforce experts worked together with the law firm to address root integration issues,
correct lead prioritization, misdials, and lead duplication.

Download the case study. Learn how DecisivEdge helped the law firm reach their call prioritization goals.

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