Tips to boost Operational Efficiency in Contact Centers with WFM

Managing a contact center is an immense challenge that requires dedication, perseverance, and, above all, patience. Trust us, we’ve been there and done that.

We know all too well the struggle of trying to deliver consistently exceptional customer experiences while fighting off poor agent utilization and ineffective contact center management.

It doesn’t help that the burden of manual tasks weighs heavily on contact center managers and their teams, eating up valuable time and energy.

This leaves managers and agents with little room to breathe, and the contact center struggling. Operational efficiency falls, opportunities slip by, and performance suffers.

Let’s not forget about your agents. If you underuse your agents, they’ll be disengaged and exhibit low satisfaction.

As we go through this blog, we will draw attention to Workforce Management (WFM SOFTWARE) and the transformative benefits it can have on your contact center, specifically with boosting operational efficiency.

WFM Software is a powerful tool that can help your contact center run smoother, and more efficiently, through automating and optimizing tasks. Workforce Management Software solutions help you focus on what’s important and elevate your contact center’s operational efficiency to the next level.

50% of contact center managers report not having enough automation in their contact center tools to operate efficiently

Amidst the challenges of operating a contact center, you don’t have to do it alone.

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The Balancing Act: Agent Utilization and Operational Efficiency

Balancing agent utilization with WFM SOFTWARE solutions improves contact center performance

Balancing agent utilization with WFM Software solutions improves contact center performance

For contact centers, achieving the perfect balance between agent utilization and operational efficiency is a skillful tightrope walk on its own. Without Workforce Management (WFM SOFTWARE), it becomes a much tougher battle.

On one side, low agent utilization rates loom, a consequence of poor management practices and cumbersome manual processes.

On the other side, the danger of high utilization rates looms, risking agent burnout and diminished performance.

When agents excel in their trained tasks and meet targets, it reduces attrition rates by over 10%, saving your contact center thousands of dollars.

The Challenge of Achieving Optimal Agent Utilization

Low agent utilization is an all-too-common challenge, stemming from ineffective alignment and time-consuming manual tasks. When agents are not optimally scheduled or are assigned to non-value-adding activities, valuable time slips away, impacting your contact center’s operational efficiency.

Agents may feel disengaged and underutilized, affecting their job satisfaction and motivation to excel.

Conversely, overburdening agents with high utilization rates comes with its own perils. The pressure to handle an unmanageable workload can lead to agent burnout, resulting in increased absenteeism and reduced productivity.

As agents become fatigued, the quality of customer interactions may suffer, impacting the overall customer experience. And, with a staggering 25% of agents contemplating resigning at any given time, keeping agents satisfied and engaged should remain a top priority for your contact center.

WFM SOFTWARE: Your Labor Optimization Solution for Operational Efficiency

When discussing contact center operational efficiency, labor optimization is a foundational pillar. The ability to allocate resources optimally can mean the difference between your contact center’s success and failure.

WFM SOFTWARE solutions can make achieving this easier with labor optimization capabilities.

The Significance of Labor Optimization for Operational Efficiency

The Significance of Labor Optimization

Forecasting and scheduling ensure efficient labor optimization, empowering exceptional customer experiences

Labor optimization is the process of achieving a balance between staffing levels, inbound call volume and agent utilization.

If successfully met, this balance can empower your contact center to achieve operational efficiency and operate like a well-oiled machine, efficiently handling customer interactions while managing operational costs.

Central to boosting operational efficiency and achieving labor optimization is effective agent utilization, which is where WFM SOFTWARE solutions plays a pivotal role.

WFM software solutions are equipped with forecasting and scheduling capabilities, leveraging historical data and trends to predict future call volumes.

With this foresight, you can ensure your contact center has appropriate agents to handle customer interactions without overburdening or underutilizing them. With the right agents in place, your contact center thrives, operational efficiency and productivity intertwining seamlessly.

Customer interactions are handled with expertise, wait times minimized, and service levels elevated, all contributing to exceptional customer experiences.

How WFM Software Frees Up Time for Agent Engagement

One of the greatest challenges for contact center managers is the limited time available for interactions with their agents. Confined by manual and time-consuming tasks, managers can find themselves bogged down in spreadsheets and paperwork.

However, managers can find relief with WFM software solutions by utilizing its streamlining and automation capabilities to alleviate the burden of these manual tasks.

With the power of automated scheduling, managers are freed from administrative burdens and can effortlessly create efficient schedules. With WFM software, managers can save time while optimally assigning agents to match call volume trends and customer demand.

Reduced time on administrative and manual tasks means managers can allocate more time to actively engaging their agents. The ripple effect of such agent empowerment reverberates throughout the contact center, positively influencing agent satisfaction and engagement levels, not to mention improving operational efficiency as well.

One recent study even cites agent empowerment as a solution to falling contact center satisfaction.

The Impact of Improved Agent Engagement on Operational Efficiency

The positive impact of improved agent engagement radiates through the entire contact center. Engaged and satisfied agents are not only more productive but are more than 3x as likely to feel empowered to resolve customer issues.

With labor optimization, the contact center becomes a hub of satisfaction and operational efficiency. The positive experiences of customers reverberate back to the agents, reinforcing their sense of accomplishment and motivating them to continue delivering exceptional service.

This cycle drives the contact center forward, with increasing customer satisfaction and retention rates, ultimately leading to greater success for the entire organization.

Unlocking Operational Efficiency: WFM Software Features at Work

Now that we’ve discussed the transformative impact of WFM software solutions on agent utilization and engagement, let’s dive deeper into the specific features that make these solutions so powerful in improving operational efficiency.

Forecasting is the crystal ball of WFM SOFTWARE, granting you a glimpse into the future by analyzing historical data and call patterns.

It allows you to anticipate customer demand, ensuring that you avoid under or overstaffing, striking the perfect balance for optimal agent utilization and fostering operational efficiency.

Scheduling is the epitome of contact center operational efficiency. With WFM software scheduling, you can create schedules that match agent skills and preferences with customer needs. Efficient schedules empower agents to perform at their best, while regular breaks ensure their well-being is promoted.

Strategic Planning efficiently allocates resources and aligns agent skills with future business objectives. This makes your contact center more adaptable to changing conditions and prepares you for the road ahead.

Harnessing the Full Potential of Workforce Management (WFM Software) Solutions

Unlocking Efficiency WFM Features at Work

Maximize WFM SOFTWARE solutions with continuous improvement, data-driven decisions and optimal agent utilization

To unlock the full potential of WFM software, it is vital to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement within your contact center.

Leverage the wealth of data and insights provided by WFM software to make data-driven decisions, continually optimizing agent utilization and enhancing operational efficiency.

Invest in comprehensive training for your team to ensure they are well-versed in utilizing the features of WFM solutions. Encourage regular feedback from agents, supervisors, and customers to refine and adapt your strategies continually.

Keep in mind that these tools are not just instruments of optimization but keys to unlocking a thriving and dynamic contact center environment.


WFM software paves the way for a brighter future in contact center management. Beyond improving operational efficiency, these solutions have a positive impact on the customer experience, agent satisfaction, and insight into the business trends.

Connect with us to see what WFM solution is right for your contact center.