Transform the patient transport experience
Increase admissions, decrease ops costs and improve outcomes

Millions of North Americans suffer from mental and substance use disorders. But treatment centers can’t help patients if they don’t show up to their facilities.

Patient transport is critical in the admissions process. Patient sensitivity is high and any delay due to traffic, understaffing or dispatch miscommunication could mean lost admissions, lost revenue – and most importantly – lost lives. A transportation process that is seamless and friction-free translates to better admission rates, decreased operating costs and improved health outcomes – ultimately improving HEDIS, STAR, and CAHPS ratings.

aSureRide provides organizations with a seamless, convenient and reliable way for agents, dispatchers, and managers to schedule transportation requests through the Salesforce CRM platform. Included is a mobile app that enables drivers to provide real-time status updates, change requests, and location details.

Why choose aSureRide?

  • Fast set-up. Simple Salesforce integration.
  • Easy to learn and use. Expert support available.
  • More data and metrics than traditional ride-share apps.

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Fast. Easy. Impactful.

Get set up in less than a day. Integrates easily into Salesforce.
Generate ROI in weeks instead of months.

in driver productivity
in transportation costs
Increase in
incremental gross margin
aSureRide Salesforce Lighting Solution - Patient Transportation

Your complete healthcare transportation management solution
Ensure a reliable patient journey

aSureRide can help manage transportation for:

  • Behavioral health providers
  • Medicare transportation and Medicaid transportation programs
  • Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)
  • State and county governments
  • Hospitals and health systems
  • County Health and Human Service Departments

aSureRide is perfect for organizations with:

  • Up to 200 call center agents
  • Up to 200 vehicles
  • Up to 100 locations
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aSureRide is in the business of saving lives
Better health outcomes start with the patient journey

The goal is to pick up and get potential patients to recovery centers quickly to avoid “cold feet”, and urgently, as individuals may not be at their residence or in a secure location. By providing transparency early in the transport journey, providers are able to break down barriers to build immediate trust with incoming patients.

aSureRide also gives behavioral health organizations the critical data and insights on how to best manage the nuances of the patient transportation journey. How long it takes to get a potential patient into a vehicle is just as critical as how long it takes to get to the destination. With data and insights, providers can create a more comfortable transportation environment by reducing the stress and anxiety of the incoming patient.

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aSureRide - Saving lives by enhancing the patient journey

How aSureRide works
Quick, punctual and reliable
transportation from start to finish

Fast and easy ride scheduling
A care agent uses the aSureRide Salesforce app to request a ride while live on the phone with the patient, sharing trip details and confirmation that the driver is on the way. The admissions team has full transparency and can prepare the admissions process accordingly.

Ensuring a quick and efficient trip
A care agent can track the trip in real time and identify if additional attention or intervention that may be needed.

Seamless admission transition
The patient is picked up and dropped off at the required facility. The care agent can see when the trip is completed.

Manage driver shifts in Salesforce custom objects
Ensure full coverage for door-to-door support

Desktop manage Drivers Shifts - aSureRide Salesforce App
Desktop Manage Drivers Breaks - aSureRide Salesforce App

Administer driver breaks in Salesforce custom objects
Flexibility to know driver availability throughout the day

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Fast and easy transport appointment scheduling
Better healthcare begins upon arrival

aSureRide helps improve patient care by enabling healthcare organizations to arrange transport through Salesforce. Your entire team gets full transparency from pick-up to drop-off ensuring a seamless admission transition. Riders will trust the aSureRide experience without needing an app or a smartphone.

Desktop Create Appointments -aSureRide Salesforce App
Desktop Track Location of Drivers - aSureRide Salesforce App

Track driver location in Salesforce custom objects
Full transparency during any point of the patient journey

Whether riders are in big cities, small towns, or rural areas, aSureRide ensures every patient gets to their required facility as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Metrics to give insight
Measure schedule appointment times against actuals

aSureRide helps improve patient care by enabling healthcare organizations to arrange transport through Salesforce. Your entire team gets full transparency from pick-up to drop-off ensuring a seamless admission transition. Riders will trust the aSureRide experience in their first step towards a healthier outcome.

Measure Metrics - aSureRide
Quick Action Departure Mobile App - aSureRide Transparent

Mobile Driver App
No need for Salesforce license

  • View all upcoming assigned shifts.
  • View all upcoming appointments.
  • Update appointment statuses in real time.
  • Update driver availability in real time.
  • Create vehicle maintenance records.
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Full-Stack Patient Transportation Mobile App for Drivers - aSureRide Salesforce

aSureRide integrated into Salesforce positively impacts patient lives across clinics, while providing care agents and drivers the tools necessary to provide a meaningful and reliable journey experience during stressful times.

aSureRide Data Sheet & Sell Sheet
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Make it a win-win-win
for patients, care agents/drivers and management.


Better journey experience
Improved health outcome
Peace of mind

Care Agents
& Drivers

Less stress
Reduced burnout
Improved productivity


Increased admissions
Improved ops efficiencies
Higher star ratings
Increased revenue

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