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Elevate your Customer Experience
with SimpliTalkCX Workforce Management

Contact centers face the continual challenge of matching inconsistent inbound call volumes with agent schedules while attempting to maintain the high expectations of customer and agent customer experiences.

SimpliTalkCX improves the customer and agent experience with easy-to-use, cost-effective workforce management software for small to mid-sized contact centers.

Everything you need for forecasting and staff planning. And no bloat.

  • Quick set-up.
  • Easy to learn and use.

  • Expert support

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Built for modern contact center teams – in any industry.

Get set up in days. Save BIG compared to other workforce management software.
Generate ROI in less than 4 weeks instead of months.

Reduction in
abandoned calls
Reduction in
labor costs
Improvement in workforce manager efficiency
Workforce Management Call Center Software with best user experience in the industry

You’re busy. Be good busy.
Fast, efficient and cost-effective ops control.

DID YOU KNOW: 90% of customers want access to live voice agents and rate an “immediate” response as essential.

Workforce management is a critical aspect to the success of any contact center. Customers are engaging with brands and organizations in a growing number of touchpoints, and a responsive omni-channel contact center is needed to deliver better customer and agent experiences, supported by improved operational efficiencies. SimpliTalkCX achieves this through data-driven forecasting and scheduling, labor optimization and strategic planning.

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Smart forecasting made easy
so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Eliminate guess work by leveraging historical data and trends to accurately determine future call volume support requirements. Build precise forecasts that put agents when and where required.

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface

  • API integration to telephony solution
  • Increase/decrease call projection daily/weekly
  • Plan strategical for proper support (holidays, new locations, marketing campaigns)

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Call Forecasting Screen

Call Forecasting Screen SimpliTalkCX - Contact Center Workforce Management

Staffing Optimization Screen

Best call center scheduling software - Agents requirement screen

Improve scheduling
to deliver high customer and agent experiences.

SimpliTalkCX is the most easy-to-use workforce management solution for small to mid-sized contact centers in any industry. Get the right agent – with the right skills, at the right time, in the right place – building a better customer experience. Mitigate understaffing and overstaffing. Make lives easier, less stressful and simpler while keeping costs down.

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface

  • Call forecasting for each 15 minute interval throughout the week
  • Over/understaffed visualization

  • KPI inputs: target answer time, shrinkage, occupancy, service levels, average handle time

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Weekly Schedule Screen

Workforce Management Software with Weekly Scheduling Screen

Daily Schedule Screen

“This is our go-to-tool for forecasting, planning, scheduling, visualization to analyze trends every 15 minutes, and time management. Simple, clean and intuitive, it’s easy to use and understand. Perfect for our small but
growing multi-location contact center operation.”

Contact Center Director, FinTech

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SimpliTalkCX-Logo - The best workforce management tool to empower your contact center and agents

Make it a win-win-win
for customers, agents and management.


Better quality experience
Faster response rates
Improved satisfaction


Less stress
Reduced burnout
Improved productivity


Reduced abandoned calls
Peace of mind
improved ops efficiencies
Higher CSAT
Increased revenue
Reduced labor costs
Lower staff attrition

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