Data Science Assessment

  • Inspect and understand data environment and ability to provide data to build/deploy a pipeline.
  • Consider internal talent and tech stack with ability to meet data science needs.
  • Evaluate past projects and provide feedback on transparency & reproducability of models.

Custom Model Development

  • Build solution as a pipeline.
  • Build and evaluate relevant candidate model solutions.
  • Deliver model development codebase.
  • Can transform development codebase into deployment pipeline to fit into your tech ecosystem.
  • Document model development process to ensure reproducability and transparency.
  • Validate delivered model.

Model Development Infrastructure as a Service (MDaaS)

  • Provide hosted model development environment for your data science staff to work in.
  • Scalable to accommodate data storage and computational demands.
  • Cloud-based, taking advantage of industry standard open source tech stack.
  • Secure, git-based source code repository.
  • Persist development data as necessary; valuable for on-going model validation.

Model Execution as a Service (MaaS)

  • Hosted solution to score records in real-time or in batch.
  • Can execute models developed by your Data Science team or by DecisivEdge.
  • Integrate machine learning pipeline into your workflow via API call.
  • Provide model execution monitoring.
  • Model execution data retained for model performance tracking.

3rd Party Model Validation

  • DecisivEdge serves as independent 3rd party model validator.
  • Utilize your model validation template to address specific regulatory environment or internal risk requirements.
  • Outline model Risks, Findings, and Observations.
  • Ongoing stability and validity performance monitoring.
  • For regulated financial institutions, will deliver a Validation to satisfy OCC 2011-2012 model risk management guidelines.

Data Science Team as a Service

  • Address resourcing needs in two capacities:
    • Dedicated hours over a specific time period to direct as needed.
    • Provide fractional resources on an hourly, as-needed basis.
  • Can consider on-site, off-site, or offshore resources to address a spectrum of budget concerns.
  • Flexible, scalable solution to address project demands.