With just over 80% of the U.S. population owning smart phones, the need for companies to understand how their organization is performing on-line is mission critical.  Channel analytics is something that, on the surface, might seem easy for organizations to gather data and report on how people are getting to your website, what they are doing while on your website, and how they are interacting with your marketing assets such as case studies, videos, and other content.  The DecisivEdge channel analytics team will do all of that for you and instead of giving you cookie cutter trends, we will provide next level insights into your Channel interactions and optimize those interactions across web, phone, chat, text, and other channels.


  • Conduct Current State Evaluation.  Complete an in-depth assessment of current online capabilities.
  • Data Decisioning Gaps. Provide an objective third party summation of data required to drive modeling practices and processes. Determine the best combination of scientific and analytical applications to improve the current internal practices and processes.
  • Prioritize. Determine the appropriate allocation of scarce analytical resources to achieve key business goals and objectives.
  • Execute. Provide highly skilled analytical resources to assist with the implementation of recommendations. Options include a team of onshore or a blend of onshore and offshore data scientists.


Delivered a cross-channel optimization program for a Fortune 500  healthcare insurance company. The project required consolidating heterogeneous data from into a single platform. One of the challenges was the channels had their own tracking system for customer interactions. Our analytics group worked with the business owners to create summary reasons across all channels including call data, web logs, and chat logs. Then, we developed a key driver analysis each customer call after visiting the website. This enabled management to enhance the website to better meet customer needs.


Designed a 360-degree view of the customer interactions for a Fortune 500 health insurance company. The DecisivEdge Analytics team was hired to capture data from various disparate platforms and  integrate the data into a “data lake.” The business intelligence layer transformed the raw interaction data into actionable insights that enhanced modeling and analytics. For example, the channel  interactions data in the “data lake” improved the company’s ability to assign customers to different behavior segments.


Developed an account level profitability platform for the credit card division of a Fortune 50 financial services company. This platform was used to drive marketing, sales, service and associated inbound call routing strategies.