Continuous process improvement is a necessity for organizations to thrive in today’s competitive and regulated environment.  Our team brings both domain expertise and technical capabilities to help redesign critical business processes to improve efficiency, control, communication and collaboration.


  • Assess Process Maturity. Evaluate the  maturity of your business critical operational processes to identify inefficiencies and process risks.
  • Assess Process Controls. Specifically evaluate critical business processes for control issues including regulatory issues and develop a remediation roadmap.
  • Drive Process Rationalization and Optimization. Make detailed recommendations to significantly improve operational processes to greatly reduce process and control risks while improving efficiency.


A Fortune 500 financial services company hired DecisivEdge to assess the efficiency of its call center with the aim of reducing call volume by 30% while improving the customer experience.  DecisivEdge analyzed call volume trends and assessed agent desktop capabilities, other self service tools and call routing protocols and developed a detailed plan to achieve the objective.  DecisivEdge was hired to deliver the remediation plan and optimized  the company’s call handling process and enhanced internal service platforms (web and IVR) to deliver the defined opportunities.


When a large division of a Fortune 500 financial services company got national press coverage for allegedly misusing customer information gathered through its web tools, DecisivEdge was hired to assess the company’s data movement process.  DecisivEdge assessed and documented existing processes, workflows and data flows related to the storage, use, retention and movement of customer data related to its marketing and servicing channels, including approximately a dozen external partners and vendors.   The results of the DecisivEdge assessment were presented to the Company’s Board.


DecisivEdge lead the review of an undocumented operational payment process for a large division of a Fortune 500 financial services company, including its financial reconciliation process.  DecisivEdge documented every step of the “brute force” process and identifying several major control issues.  DecisivEdge proposed a remediation plan and roadmap that included process improvements as well as opportunities to leverage technology to improve efficiency and control.