The life span of operational strategies is getting shorter as companies look to develop a competitive edge.  Factor in a highly regulated environment and global competition and its no surprise that companies need to continually retool their key operational processes to drive greater efficiency and innovation.

Our team brings deep industry expertise, the experience to critically analyze business objectives and the creativity to develop operational requirements to meet those objectives.


  • Assess the Need for Change. Evaluate shifts in business strategy, understand underlying process and technology implications.  Work with business and technology stakeholders to make recommendations any required or desired transformations.
  • Develop Business Requirements. Work with all involved stakeholders to develop comprehensive and prioritized business requirements to drive transformation initiatives.
  • Develop Transformation Roadmap. Develop proposed project activities, plans and estimates to manage transformation initiatives to successful implementations.



When a large national consumer lender with 900 branches sought to drastically change their servicing strategy, they hired DecisivEdge to help assess the impact and develop business requirements.  DecisivEdge analyzed the business operations as well as the supporting technologies involved and developed a roadmap to ensure that the strategic transformation was successful.


DecisivEdge was engaged by a Dental Group with about fifty clinics to review its growing receivables backlog, identify the root causes and recommend solutions to get the AR balances and DSO in line with forecasts.
DecisivEdge conducted a thorough evaluation of clinic practices as well as central billing and collections systems and practices.  Following the evaluation, DecisivEdge outlined an approach to addressing the AR balance and DSO challenges that included a combination of process, organization and systems changes.
DecisivEdge worked with the CIO to convince Dental Group’s enterprise software provider to make changes to their software that were contributing to the growth in AR balances.  DecisivEdge also developed a test plan, test cases and oversaw the testing process to ensure that the delivered software changes functioned as expected.
DecisivEdge remained engaged with the client as the recommendations were implemented to ensure that the expected reduction in AR balances and DSO were achieved.


DecisivEdge was hired by a Fortune 500 financial services company to help redefine its enterprise contact management strategy to improve both the service and sales experience.  DecisivEdge analyzed call flows, IVR capabilities and call routing as part of the assessment process, before proposing detailed requirements for the complete redesign of the company’s IVR static solution to a strategy driven IVR solution.