Case Study

A Mid-Tier Regional Bank hires DecisivEdge to deliver a comprehensive end-to-end assessment of converting an existing but “data siloed” warehouse to a fully integrated and marketing analytics oriented solution.


Key challenges encountered throughout the integrated data warehouse study included issues with poor data quality, lack of historical data, and missing operational data to drive performance metrics.  The following list of key business objectives were established in order to meet project expectations and  deliver a comprehensive assessment for the client:

  • Gain an understanding of the customer base including key demographics, product distribution, product usage, and wallet share
  • Ability to identify and implement strategies to attract millennials
  • Increase wallet share in terms of number of products through the implementation of enhanced cross-selling strategies
  • Analyze results of cross-selling activities and refine strategies, focusing on customer segments, to target customers and optimize interactions resulting in  increased wallet share
  • Create customer segmentation definitions and track changes in segmentation over time
  • Ability to identify all customer relationships in a single data source


Following confirmation of the business objectives, the following project goals were developed:

  • Document the list of questions and key performance indicators to be provided by the information in the data warehouse.
  • Identify the source systems that will provide the data to be compiled in the data warehouse, including the availability and process for obtaining updates from these systems as well as the method for how the updates will be captured.
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Case Study

A national student lending firm needed a customized and highly configurable school certification and loan disbursement solution that offered system integration with third party loan origination, certification, servicing and payment processing.

Challenge: The existing off-the-shelf system was inadequate to handle integration with third party loan origination, certification, servicing and payment processing systems.

Solution: DecisivEdge utilized its deep industry knowledge and design experience to conceive, develop, test, and implement a school certification and loan disbursement solution.

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Case Study: Managed Services Solution

Fortune 500 financial services company hires DecisivEdge to enhance and bring structure to the management of two payments platforms at the core of a large subsidiary business.

Challenge: A subsidiary business of a Fortune 500 financial services company, built through a process of acquisition and internal development, with two technology oriented payments products was challenged to deliver the cutting edge functionality demanded by its customer base. Specifically,

  • The solutions were large and complex having evolved over decades in a largely undisciplined manner
  • The solutions lacked the functionality necessary to differentiate the company’s product offerings
  • The technology operations were characterized by poor controls and a somewhat ad hoc production support process
  • The system performance was uninspiring, resulting in customer complaints
  • The subsidiary technology team was outside the centralized IT organization and lacked the appropriate skills leading to delayed releases marred by significant defects

Solution: To stabilize and subsequently improve its payment product offerings, this Fortune 500 financial services company hired DecisivEdge, a trusted partner, to first assess its associated technology organization and operations and then take over the day-to-day technology operations in a managed services arrangement to bring enhancements, structure and greater control to its critical technology solutions.

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Case Study: Quality Assurance Program Assessment

Fortune 500 financial services company hires DecisivEdge to assess its enterprise quality assurance program with an eye towards reducing expense.

Challenge: A Fortune 500 financial services company in the midst of upgrading its lending platform and switching its core banking platform engaged DecisivEdge to help assess its Quality Assurance program. The company was specifically looking to:

  • Lower costs by leveraging best practices, tools and skilled resources to reduce steady state expense
  • Improve demand management
  • Improve release quality
  • Improve speed to market

Solution: DecisivEdge identified a sizeable immediate opportunity to reduce Quality Assurance expense by up to 30% through program optimization. Further, DecisivEdge proposed a predictable cost, shared risk engagement model for a Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) that would generate a cumulative 5-year savings upwards of 25% (inclusive of the investment in program optimization and test automation) over current spend run-rate despite an increasing test load year-over-year.

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Case Study: Marketing Source Code System Solution

Fortune 500 financial services company implements an integrated marketing solution to measure the effectiveness of campaign spend.

Challenge: A Fortune 500 financial services company with 23 million customers and a managed portfolio of $234 billion required a Marketing Source Code System to support the launch of its new credit card program. An aggressive multi-channel marketing plan coupled with complex offer structures created the immediate need for a comprehensive solution to optimize its marketing spend.

In order to deliver value, the solution needed to address several critical marketing, operational and analytic needs, including:

  • Set up for marketing campaigns, tactics (marketing placements) and uniquely targeted offers, including promotional and contract pricing, product fees and rewards
  • Ability to support multi-level organization and product hierarchies for non-branded and branded programs
  • Campaign, tactic and offer approval workflow
  • Ability to set up champion-challenger campaigns
  • Offer integration with internal and external processor and acquisition systems
  • Marketing campaign data organized in centralized data warehouse for enterprise portfolio analytics

Solution: When launching a new credit card program, this Fortune 500 bank decided to invest in a customized Marketing Source Code System to track and optimize account acquisition efforts. DecisivEdge brought subject matter expertise, technology design and development capabilities and system integration skills to help the Bank significantly improve ROI on its marketing spend.

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Case Study: Revamp Distressed SAP-enabled Business Transformation Program

DecisivEdge led the complete revamp of a distressed SAP-enabled business transformation program for a Fortune 100 multinational.

The company has manufacturing operations on four continents and was rapidly expanding to meet the demands of a strategic new market.

The program which had been launched 18 months prior, was spearheaded by a global consulting firm had just completed its first implementation at two North American sites at the time DecisivEdge was engaged. At that time, the program had burned through a third of its $350M budget and delivered less than 10% earned value and had significant quality issues at the two sites that had just gone live.

The restructuring that DecisivEdge led, entailed looking at every aspect of the program including executive alignment, executive sponsorship, business process leadership, program governance, PMO, the internal team as well as spearheading the selection of a new consultant team. DecisivEdge worked directly with the senior executive leadership of the company to accomplish the successful turnaround while providing day-to-day leadership of the program over the course of a year.

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Case Study: Integrated Voice Response (IVR) Solution

Fortune 500 financial services company implements an Integrated Voice Response (IVR) solution to maximize the value of each customer contact.

Challenge: A Fortune 500 financial Services company received consistent mediocre feedback for its customer service experience, in particular:

  • An out-of-date IVR experience characterized by redundant requests for identification and service related information
  • Too many irrelevant options
  • Poor call tracking
  • Manual fulfillment of service requests

Solution: To improve its Customer Service Experience, this Fortune 500 bank launched an enterprise-wide initiative to improve its Customer Service Experience with a particular focus on its IVR Solution. DecisivEdge, a trusted partner, assisted with the IVR Vendor Selection, drove the company-wide requirements gathering process, brought subject matter expertise to design the IVR call flow and service request fulfillment processes and worked with the business units, internal IT and the selected vendor to implement the solution.

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