Streamline Your Loan and Lease Management Process

LPaaS streamlines the loan and lease application process. The loan management solution is easy to use, can be customized to fit your workflow and delivers a positive experience to your customers. LPaaS is built using the latest technology, has the ability to incorporate a rules engine that will allow for intelligent routing, and facilitates integration with third party applications.

Digital Lending Made Simple

White Label Design

The lending portal is designed to seamlessly mesh with existing web systems so that consumers are presented with a consistent format and branding through the application.

Increased Sophistication

Borrowers will no longer wait on manual, slow processes associated with the first wave of online applications established years ago. The lending portal maximizes the digital experience for both front end and back end users.

Hybrid Development

Standard framework reduces upfront investment and increases speed to market. The portal allows for easy transactions in the mobile app. The portal is customized to fit any business model.

Comprehensive, Yet Flexible

Scalable and expandable configuration allows you to support multiple online consumer application types and quantities to an entire lending portfolio.

For Lenders

For Lenders

  • Lenders can now leverage a sleek and stylish UI that is customizable to match their existing digital presence.
  • Lending Portal brings white label customization to ensure borrowers get a look and feel unique to every Lender.
  • The Lending Portal is designed to enhance the borrower experience by providing lenders with exceptional automation tools.

For Borrowers

For Borrowers

  • Borrowers can expect a mobile-ready loan application with pre-fill capabilities and a direct line to tracking the status of their application.
  • The custom portal solution included a flexible forms engine that allowed the customer to configure the lease application data collection process.
  • Borrowers can browse programs and rates that match their unique criteria.

Lending Portal for Lease & Loan Management


Key Features


  • User Interface (UI) created in React and React Native for mobile

  • NoSQL Databases (MongoDB)

  • Interactions handled via APIs, Web Services and WebHooks

  • Encryption of secure information at rest and during transmission

  • Low-Code Solution allows for faster customization


  • Configured to deploy to most cloud providers on Linux OS

  • Docker Containers to allow for easy deployment

  • Scalable infrastructure which allows for growth via multiple paths

Portal Functions

  • Customizable application flow allows for easy collection of data via a multi-step approach with quick navigation between steps

  • Integration with third party providers – examples include Docusign, Paymentus, OFSLL

  • Secure data capture and storage with custom data validation

  • The portal can be quickly adapted for any industry and has a well-defined process

  • Portal and Mobile Application can be branded with logo and color scheme

  • Authentication via User & Password or Single Sign-On (SSO)

User-Friendly Loan Management Portal

  • With speed and responsiveness as top priorities, our design considers all major browsers and devices to ensure maximal convenience and functionality

  • Integrates with the Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing application and other origination and servicing platforms

  • Offers freedom and control to customize application themes and wording

  • Configuration is made easy through our tool’s built-in white-label editor

  • Track the application status, upload documents, complete task lists and communicate with the lender


  • Create customer internal users

  • Support for contractors/third party lenders and corresponding users

  • Role-Based access for all users to control access to portal features

  • Enter applications and complete the origination process if approved

  • Search existing applications and pick-up where you left off in the application process

  • E-sign the corresponding origination documents

  • Payment gateway integration to schedule automated payments

  • Allow for upload of additional/supporting application documents

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