If you are looking for the best Loan Origination Software, Loan Servicing Software, or Loan Collections Software for your business, then you have come to the right place.

As an Oracle Gold Partner, DecisivEdge™ delivers Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing (OFSLL) to it’s lending clients.  OFSLL is uniquely designed to suit any finance company that originates, services, and collects on loans or leases, directly or indirectly.  The platform is easy to customize for any lender or industry, and can be delivered on-premise or in the cloud.

Lending & Leasing as a Service (LLaaS) – Cloud Based

LLaaS is a DecisivEdge lending & leasing solution built specifically for small to mid-sized lenders.  It is a simple, flexible, secure and cost-effective solution which leverages the powerful capabilities of the Oracle Lending and Leasing Platform.

If you are looking for the best Loan Origination Software, Loan Servicing Software, Loan Collections Software but don’t have the desire or resources to manage the platform in-house, check into LLaaS.

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  • Increase productivity with automated processes and transactions
  • Improve customer experience with end-to-end capabilities in a single platform
  • Drive business growth with quick and easy launch of new products
  • Deepen customer relationships by enabling employees to make timely decisions
  • Enable comprehensive data capture for risk management and compliance
  • Facilitate state and federal compliance through a purpose-built platform

Comprehensive Lending and Leasing System

  • Built on configurable processes for the complete lending lifecycle, including origination, servicing, collections and asset management
  • Predefined finance processes with global best practices optimizing the customer experience
  • Robust business rules engine for each business process adhering to the financial institution’s internal practices and policies

Loan Origination Software

  • Allows lenders to accept, process and decision credit applications in a paperless mode
  • Delivers quick credit scoring and automated decision making
  • Provisions configurable credit guidelines to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Supports flexible workflow management for each stage in the lender’s underwriting processes
  • Provides robust pricing strategies to drive market share and profitability
  • Simply the best loan origination software on the market
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Loan Servicing Software

  • Allows the lender to manage all customer information in a centralized location
  • Simplifies the customer service and management processes with a single source of truth
  • Manages unified customer record with a common customer relationship view across products
  • Supports a comprehensive transaction engine to process automated transactions
  • Enhances better customer service and resolves customer requests
  • Simply the best loan servicing software on the market
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Loan Collections Software

  • Provides comprehensive functionality to support specialized collection-related activities
  • Tracks all occurrences and related histories associated with specialty collection activities
  • Allows 360° customer view with details to credit and repayment history with the lender
  • Allows detailed history of customer contacts, promises-to-pay and follow ups
  • Simply the best loan collections software on the market
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Enhanced User Experience

  • Self-service options for consumers
  • Support for third-party interfaces
  • Seamless transition across channels
  • Compatibility with credit bureau agencies, asset valuation guides and credit card payment interfaces
  • Paperless workflow with dynamic work queues that can be tracked, analyzed and audited
Contact Management

State of the Art Technology

  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) with a browser-based user interface
  • A back-end relational database, with a middle tier of business components.
  • Provides a high level of configurability by using open standards-based middleware.
  • Brings together a robust technology platform and extensive experience in the industry
  • Supports your business with predefined processes that represent industry best-demonstrated practices.

Flexibility of Deployment

  • Choose between a cloud or on premise deployment
  • Cloud offering built on a highly elastic, simple and secure cloud platform
  • Designed specifically for lending and leasing businesses
  • Supports seamless data file integration optimizing performance