LLaaS Origination is a cloud based cutting edge loan origination platform designed to help solar lenders scale their business quickly while maintaining tight credit standards, remaining in compliance with laws and regulations, and improving customer satisfaction.

  • Accept, process and decision credit applications in a paperless mode
  • Deliver quick credit scoring and automated decision making
  • Provision configurable credit guidelines to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Provide robust pricing strategies to drive market share and profitability
  • Seamlessly support solar third-party integrations
  • Interface with multiple collateral asset valuation guides

Simply the best loan origination software on the market

Used by some of the largest auto & equipment lenders in the industry, Lending & Leasing as a Service – LLaaS Origination is a perfect fit for Small Business Lenders.  The platform is well tested, feature rich, aggressively priced, and highly supported.  
You focus on building your solar business and we will take care of your software. 


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