Newark, Delaware (December 14, 2018) – Microf, a leading HVAC lender has successfully upgraded its lease origination, servicing and collections platform to Lending and Leasing as a Service (LLaaS) solution from DecisivEdge.

Microf was looking to replace its inflexible, aging leasing software to enable its growth and diversification plans. They selected LLaaS after reviewing recommendations from industry influencers and vetting competing offerings.

LLaaS is a cloud-based origination, servicing, and collections platform designed specifically for small & medium sized lenders. Feature rich, flexible, and easy to implement, LLaaS is a perfect fit for direct and indirect lenders who offer their customers loans, leases and/or lines of credit.  The platform is used by auto lenders, equipment finance companies, credit unions, alternative finance and small business lenders.

“It is great to see a leading specialty finance company begin to harness the power of a cloud- based lending and leasing solution,” said Sukumar Narayanan, President of DecisivEdge.  “We saw a significant need for a product like LLaaS in the financial services space – so we partnered with Oracle to bring it to market. Given our depth of experience in specialty finance and expertise in cloud and SaaS technology, Microf knew they had picked the right partner to support their digital transformation journey. We are very pleased with the partnership and look forward to supporting Microf’s growth and transformation for years to come,” said Narayanan.

“Throughout the LLaaS implementation, DecisivEdge was much more than another vendor implementing software, they have been a true partner, helping us every step of the way through our complex project,” said John Savage, CTO of Microf.  “The DecisivEdge team embraced the constantly changing regulatory and legal process changes and, on the night, before go-live, they went above and beyond to make our conversion successful.  I value the support we were given and have been reaffirmed of why we chose DecisivEdge for this difficult conversion,” said Savage.

About DecisivEdge

DecisivEdge is a business consulting and technology services company.  We support our clients’ critical business and technology needs by providing them with the customized technology solutions, operational strategies and detailed analytics required to seize their market opportunity.

We are knowledge leaders with deep experience.  Our clients benefit from our unique ideas, knowledge of industry best practices and our ability to develop creative solutions to overcome their highest priority business and technology challenges.  Our collaborative approach is designed to really understand our clients’ business objectives, and then deploy a seasoned solution delivery team to get the job done right the first time.

About Microf

Microf was established in 2010 to accommodate the growing demand for more flexible options surrounding the replacement of a residential heating and cooling system. Our goal is to ‘Restore the Heating and Cooling Needs of the consumer with an affordable monthly payment’ through our strategic network of Actively Enrolled Contractors. The Microf team is eager to add value to our contractors and consumers by offering flexible and affordable options to ‘Restore Comfort with Competitive Solutions’ across the United States. Microf continues to develop its offering with the new Flexible Financial Solutions application, which was designed for buyers across a broad credit spectrum and many needs, whether the customer’s priority is a low monthly payment, the length of the term, the total cost of ownership, or deferred payment. Contact Microf today for additional information at