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OFSLL – Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing

Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing (OFSLL) is an end-to-end state of the art lending and leasing platform built to suit any finance company that originates, services, and collects on loans or leases.

The platform is easy to customize for any lender or industry, can be delivered on premise or in the cloud, and was built to handle both direct and indirect loans or leases.

Who Runs Their Business on OFSLL?

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LLAAS – Lending and Leasing as a Service 

As a certified Oracle partner, DecisivEdge works closely with clients to on-board OFSLL on premise or in the cloud with our proprietary solution called Lending and Leasing as a Service (LLaaS).

LLaaS is a simple, flexible, secure and cost-effective solution which leverages the powerful capabilities of the Oracle Lending and Leasing Platform.  It is designed for small to medium sized lenders who are looking for new software but don’t have the desire or resources to manage the platform in house.

Modular Architecture

Origination Module:

OFSLL’s Origination Module allows financial institutions to accept, process and decision credit applications in a paperless mode, with a single data entry process. All of these applications are controlled by a flexible workflow management system that can be configured to reflect the step in the company’s underwriting processes. As part of the origination process, OFSLL provides the lending institution the ability to configure and change the workflow, plus add pricing strategies, user responsibilities and administrative override parameters.

For a deeper dive into the Origination module, click on the following or watch this video and others on our YouTube Channel.  Six Auto Loan Origination Software (LOS) “Must Haves”

Servicing Module:

OFSLL’s Servicing Module allows the financial institution to manage all customer information in a centralized location to assure data integrity and to simplify the customer service and management processes. A unified customer record always ensures that the entire relationship is always visible, allowing the institution to provide better customer service, resolve queries and improve service personnel productivity.

For a deeper dive into the Servicing module, click on the following:

Collections Module:

OFSLL’s Collections Module offers a full-featured Lending/Leasing suite of capabilities that is the perfect fit for any financial institution interested in reducing delinquency, increasing collections on charged-off loans and streamlining processes, such as default management, bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession and fraud tracking.

For a deeper dive into the Collections module, click on the following:

Collections Module:

5 reasons to consider Lending and Leasing as a Service (Powered By Oracle):

  • Modular, integrated architecture: The solution delivers full lending life-cycle industry specific capabilities that span Originations, Servicing and Collections. The modules can be implemented separately or as one unified solution.
  • Configurable, customer centric design: The solution facilitates relationship management and cross-selling opportunities and its configurable design reduces time to market for new products and revenue opportunities.
  • IT friendly: The solution can be implemented on-premise or as a hosted solution with a managed service arrangement. Customizations and integrations to other systems are easily facilitated through exit points in the extensibility layer.
  • Reduce Risk from Regulatory Requirements: An end-to-end solution helps lenders maintain better control and reduce risk from increased regulation requirements.
  • Better Dealer Support and Improved Customer Experience: With comprehensive functionality for dealers, the solution helps establish a closer tie between lenders and dealers to provide a seamless customer experience.

DecisivEdge™ is a certified Oracle Financial Services Gold Partner with in-house OFSLL & LLAAS staff ready to help you and your team with your next software upgrade.