In my late-stage collections and back-office role, there were a couple of key concerns that I often thought of. 

Firstly, it was the challenge of effectively communicating with severely delinquent borrowers when they were finally ready to engage. Timing is everything in these situations, and being able to connect with borrowers when they are open to discussion can significantly impact the likelihood of finding a resolution. Another aspect that weighed on my mind was effectively offering solutions to cure their delinquency and prevent the escalation to legal action. This involved striking a careful balance between emotions and a practical assessment of a borrower’s situation to get to a solution that was feasible and acceptable to both parties. 

Lastly, I was concerned with engaging customers in late-stage delinquency after they had negative experiences in the early stages. Overcoming these negative perceptions and rebuilding trust is crucial, and ensuring a positive customer experience despite past challenges is important.