A Financial Services start-up engaged DecisivEdge to design and implement a custom web portal that allowed their contractors to offer equipment leases to their customers. The contractors required the ability to quickly provide pricing to customers, complete a lease application, sign lease documents and set up automatic payments. Once the equipment was installed, the contractors needed the ability to upload installation documents and equipment serial numbers. This was to be repeated every year thereafter in the form of uploading annual maintenance records.

A few key features of the portal included:

  • White-label design
  • Fast and responsive
  • Comprehensive, yet flexible
  • Elegant UX


The solution included a flexible forms engine that allowed our client to configure the entire lease application data collection process and workflow – including the ability for a user to continue a previously saved, but incomplete application. DecisivEdge enabled the solution to work without capturing any sensitive information, ensuring the security of the lessee’s personal information. The portal was branded according to the client’s needs. The web portal for customers/contractors on
the other hand, was co-branded for a consistent look and feel. Depending on the assigned roles, users had access to the following functionalities:

  • Creating internal customer users and assigning roles.
  • Configuring new contractors and corresponding users.
  • Searching through existing applications and allowing users the ability to pick-up where they left off.
  • Entering lease applications and completing the leasing process, when approved.
  • E-signing corresponding lease documents.
  • Entering and scheduling first and on-going payments.
  • Uploading installation documents and entering serial numbers as required for warranty purposes.
  • Uploading annual maintenance documents for each lease.


The solution was successfully deployed to the client’s contractors. Following initial deployment, the client engaged DecisivEdge to enhance the portal to enable additional workflows. For example, a process to allow a single customer to complete two lease applications for different equipment with different lease periods. This required a consolidated application submission process so as not to impact the customer’s credit bureau while granting users the ability to sign multiple lease documents and record separate payments.