The Challenge

A leading healthcare provider was challenged to meet its business goals and fulfill its service level brand promise. The organization hired DecisivEdge to complete a detailed assessment of its contact center operations and technology and develop a strategic roadmap to fully leverage its technology investment and create a best in class omni-channel customer experience.

The Opportunity: Implement a best-in-class experience for Customers that is delivered efficiently and scalable to support explosive growth.

A rapidly growing healthcare provider was looking to deliver a frictionless Customer experience to increase admissions and create brand loyalty. Its admissions contact center had grown from 10 advocates to over 125 advocates in just a few years to meet demand and, despite an investment in technology, was challenged to deliver on the organization’s admissions goals as well as the organizations contact handling metrics.

The healthcare provider’s objectives, relative to achieving the organization’s admissions targets, were to:

    • Improve operational efficiency of its contact center
    • Leverage interaction data to operationalize insights and create personalization of the Customer Experience
    • Build a platform and processes that could scale with their growth plans

Like many organizations that are dependent on responsive Customer contact centers, the organization migrated to a cloud-based contact center platform and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that needed to share data with other enterprise systems such as the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The challenge was to align, streamline and integrate the data and processes between the disparate systems, while creating a simplified advocate experience.

The Assessment

DecisivEdge started by evaluating and understanding the business goals, both tactical and strategic, business priorities and growth plans. With that as the backdrop, the team analyzed the current-state of contact center activities, conducted side-by-side sessions with advocates to see the contact handling process first-hand to document the “why” behind the current results. The team also completed a detailed assessment of the technologies deployed, evaluating their fit for purpose, their deployment approach, the technical and business resource capacity and capability as well as the level of effort to optimize their use.

Through this detailed assessment that included on-site visits to the client, the DecisivEdge team conducted an evaluation of major technology investments that the organization had made.

Three broad capabilities and platforms were evaluated, and the key assessment points were:

Omni-Channel Platform and Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    • Configuration of omni-channel capabilities
    • DNIS configuration
    • Review of contact handling procedures, volumes and conversion rates by contact channel
    • Review of contact reasons by stakeholder to understand the drivers of multiple same-party calls
    • Opportunity to further leverage outbound calling and/or opportunities to leverage digital engagement mechanisms in addition to outbound calling
    • Understand the current role of the IVR in the context of call handling and Customer satisfaction
    • Understand call flow to assess effectiveness of the IVR strategy
    • Identify integration opportunities for seamless CX

Advocate Desktop Application/CRM Solution

    • Availability, completeness and timeliness of data presented during advocate interactions
    • UI/UX workflow analysis and recommendations for optimization, including a detailed analysis of key processes (selected by the client) for end-to-end automation and process improvement opportunities
    • Interfaces with other systems and the elimination of duplicate data entry
    • Opportunities for utilizing other available CRM modules to drive CX and operational efficiency

Data and Analytics

    • Maturity of data warehouse environment, including data cleanliness, data extraction, transformation and load processes, data governance and stewardship
    • Key reports and metrics available to operational executives as well as the executive management team
    • Ability to derive insights from operational interaction data
    • Ability to leverage the insights to personalize the interaction

The team further developed each of the identified opportunities, including the creation of a directional cost/benefit and ROI. The Assessment Report included:

    • A summary and detail level observations of the current state of contact center operations
    • A definition of the target state relative to the objectives defined
    • A gap analysis along with strategic opportunities

The Results: A Roadmap to Success

The outcome of the DecisivEdge assessment was a detailed Transformation Roadmap that prioritized recommendations and tangible activities to facilitate an orderly execution plan that prioritized rapid ROI.

The Roadmap identified quick hit recommendations for immediate implementation in order for the client to achieve its stated business objectives relative to this engagement.

DecisivEdge presented the results of the Assessment and Roadmap to the Client’s Executive Team and was immediately asked to develop an execution plan and commence implementing the recommendations detailed in the Assessment and Roadmap.